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Authentic Andhra food

Traditional Andhra Meals, Rice Varieties (e.g. Gunpowder rice, Gongura rice) – Traditional, Regular

Biryani Trip Logo Sticker Transparent

Varieties of Biriyanis – Hyderabadi, Mughlai, Ambur, Donne, Malabar, Pathani etc..
(Celebratory, Traditional, Impulse)

GM Logo

Daily Meals
Homely & Fresh – Regular

Snackhouse Logo For Light BG (2)

Mouthwatering Snacks – Evening and late night cravings fix.

Paratha Envy Logo High Res

Authentic & Non-Veg Parathas

Impulse, Celebratory – closest to Dominos’)

Bangalore Dosa logo Dark Version Clean

Fusion dosa varities.

Non Veg dosas – Impulse, Traditional, Celebratory

Poori Kahani Logo

Poori is a favorite delicacy across most regions of India.

Regular desi pooris, veg and non-veg stuffed pooris and accompaniments

KhichdiEquation (1)

Variety of Light and Healthy Khichdis with a twist.